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Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

Updated: May 3

Growing Cannabis from home is becoming more and more popular these days. Many people started doing this years ago on a more “low key’ basis. Pioneers we could call them fighting prohibition silently in fear of getting caught or in trouble due to laws that prohibited doing so. Thats changed! With the “legalization “ of cannabis these past years from starting off allowed for medical use for patients and now to the degree of going recreational many people are starting or are interested in getting involved in this craft.

Growing cannabis from home has many benefits and can be a great hobby or even a career. It can be a great way to save money, have access to fresh cannabis, and the satisfaction of growing your own medicine.

Some of the basics of growing cannabis from home include having the right space and equipment. A sunny room or outdoor area. If growing indoors then some lights to emulate some artificial sunlight as well as some other factors such as ventilation, climate control etc. sites like average joe grow can also help you with this process.Additionally, you will need to purchase the right equipment such as a grow tent, grow

lights, and soil.

When it comes to the actual growing process, there are a few steps to consider. First, you will need to decide which strain of cannabis you want to grow. To do this you will need to buy the seeds or clones from a reputable source that easily explains the strains available. There are many seed banks to purchase cannabis seeds. Although you can become very indecisive and overwhelmed due to the huge variety and lack of information available for the specific strain. There are a variety of seeds that can be purchased on that we’ve tried to narrow down the selection and only make available strains that we’ve grown and tested ourselves. The benefit to this is that we are well educated and familiar with the strain which in return allows us to answer and educate on any one of them. I belive that gives average joe grow an edge and makes for an easier more efficient selection process especially for your “average joe.” Once you have the seeds, you will need to germinate them and then transplant them into the soil. After this, you will need to provide the plants with the correct amount of light, water, and nutrients. Finally, you will need to harvest the plants when the buds are ready and then cure the buds for optimal taste and potency.

Overall, growing cannabis from home can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. With the right space, equipment, and knowledge, you can grow your own cannabis with ease.

I could write for hours about the process as well as benefits of growing your own cannabis. At the end of the day the cliche saying applies here “ there are a 1000 ways to skin a cat.” You Can find many different tips and methods these days average joe grows videos and social media pages and website can help to narrow down the extensive internet searches and hours of going down a deep “rabbit hole” Lets skip ahead a bit though and save some time talking about the obvious reasons to grow, like creating your own cannabis

and discuss other reasons

The most obvious benefit of growing your own cannabis is the cost savings. With the right setup and maintenance, you can significantly reduce your overall cost of cannabis. You also have the added benefit of knowing exactly what you’re getting when you grow your own. When you purchase cannabis from a dispensary, you don’t know what kind of growing techniques and nutrients were used. Growing your own allows you to have complete control over the process as well as knowing the right questions to ask if you are purchasing from a dispensary.

Another benefit of growing your own cannabis is the satisfaction of the process. There’s something special about watching a seed grow into a beautiful, fragrant plant. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you to be in control of the entire process. Plus, you can experiment with different growing techniques and nutrients to create unique strains that you won’t find anywhere else.

Finally, growing your own cannabis is a great way to connect with nature and to learn more about the plant. You’ll gain a better understanding of how cannabis grows and how it can be used medicinally. You’ll also get to experience the beauty of the plant in its natural environment.

Overall, growing your own cannabis can be an incredibly rewarding experience that will save you money, provide you with a unique strain, and connect you with nature. I think it’s very important to look deeper into the craft/trade/hobby and look at how the process is beneficial more than just the result and outcome.

Growing cannabis can be very relatable to life in general. Plants are a living thing so a lot of fundamentals we apply to pursuing a good crop can be applied to our everyday life. How you ask? It can help teach or assist you to become more in tune with patience, persistence and overall gratitude by being rewarded for your efforts. It can help teach you to overcome “ failure” and to see things from a different perspective such as “ failure = growth/experience and valuable lessons learned.” The process itself can also be very spiritual and calming which can help with anxiety and depression.

So ,if you are one who shops at dispensaries sourced by local cultivation facilities growing yourself can really help you to understand and value the product you are seeking out to purchase. Instead of just stopping into any old dispensary it helps you understand and decide which places are worth stopping into. Being growers ourselves have allowed us at cannabis radio network and average joe grow to be able to select and review the establishments we feel apply the best practices and principles to their business. A few key mentions to note in the New England area that we’ve found really concentrate and pride themselves on quality are new leaf dispensary ( Resinate ( and River run gardens (river run who we’ve had the pleasure of visiting and seeing them in action. This could not have been as easily identified as top notch dispensary and cultivation had we not been growing for years ourselves and learned how to easily identify these high quality facilities or rather distinguish key differences for one to the other.

Overall cannabis has many medicinal benefits in general some that I feel we have not even yet discovered. Though one thing is for sure, growing and cultivating even on a small “average joe” level will give you great insight and appreciation for this amazing plant but most of all appreciation and new insight on the process of “life”and the understanding of the importance of fueling the plant=(life) with what it needs to strive and grow!

Written by

Chad j Silvia

Average joe grow

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